Pay Now, Or Pay Later � Using A Risk-Informed Mindset for Site Investigation Decisions
How much subsurface investigation is adequate to aid in the planning and design of a construction project? It�s a question every geo-professional must grapple with, particularly in an era where cost efficiency...

Utah Treatment Facility Uses Ballasted Activated Sludge Process to Shrink Footprint, Costs

Purging the Plastics
A full-scale floating system designed to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods has been deployed....

Appraisal of Lightweight Moorings for Deep Water
This paper outlines the potential advantages of using lightweight fiber ropes for mooring floating production platforms. The influence of tether properties on mooring system response is discussed. It is...

Heave Compensated Landing System - A Novel Tool for Subsea Intervention
This paper presents a new intervention system that allows the use of a low cost workboat to deploy and recover delicate payloads in subsea installations. Vessel motions are decoupled from the subsea package...

Assessing Infrastructure's True Costs Is a Matter of Ethics

Watershed Degradation Increases Treatment Costs for Large Cities, Study Finds

Cost Considerations
Cost is an important consideration when comparing microtunneling with other construction methods. Direct costs should not be the only consideration. Microtunneling has other benefits that...

Sprawl Costs the U.S. More Than $1 Trillion a Year, Study Says

Orlando Interstate Upgrade Will Cost $2.3 Billion to Design, Construct

Sudoku and Geotechnical Solutions: Lessons from a Parallel Universe of Limited Data
Geotechnical engineering relies on data to reduce risk. We infer, interpolate, and extrapolate based on often limited data with time and cost constraints also at work. Similarly, solving...

Groundwater Contamination to Cost Billions, Persist for Decades, NRC Says

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Compactors Reduce Cities' Trash Collection Costs (Chicago Sun-Times)

In for a Penny in for a Pound...The Cost of Earthquake Research Funding

NewsBriefs: Benefits of Fracking Will Not Come without Costs, Study Says (Environmental Business Journal)

'Green' at What Cost?

11th Annual Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles Conference (DICEP) Presented by Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA)

NewsBriefs: Costs are Putting College Education Out of Reach

ASCE's Infrastructure Report Card Gives Nation a D, Estimate Cost at $2.2 Trillion

Consider Life-Cycle Costs First





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