Hydraulic Conductivity of Organomodified Soil

Analysis of Hydraulic Barriers for Ground Water in Stream-Aquifer Systems

Negatively-Buoyant Thermal-Saline Plume Experiment

Robust Plume Containment System Design Under Uncertainty

A Global Ocean 3-D Plume Dispersion Model

Robust Optimization for Groundwater Quality Management Under Uncertainty

Modeling Uncertainty in Contaminant Plume Location in Subsurface Remediation

Gaussian Modeling of Groundwater Plumes

Subsurface Characterization of Hydrocarbon Plumes

Plume Characterization with Natural Neighbor Interpolation

Modeling Riverine Transport of a Pesticide Plume

Monitoring Water Quality Effects During Sediment Remediation

Near Field Behavior of a Far Field Circulation Model
Output from the 3-D far field circulation model ECOMsi was compared with output from EPA initial mixing models in two simulations of coastal sewage outfalls - an idealization with steady...

Deep-Water Dredged-Material Disposal Monitoring Offshore of San Francisco Using the PLUme Measurement System (PLUMES)

How Many Observation Wells Does it Take to Find a Groundwater Contamination Plume?
A Bayesian data worth framework is developed to balance the benefits and costs of data collection. In addition to Bayesian decision analysis, tools from Monte Carlo simulation, numerical...

Modeling of Deep Water Outfall Plumes in the East Australian Coastal Ocean
The paper reports on the modeling study of deep water outfall plumes in the east Australian coastal ocean. The primary aims of the modeling were to provide estimates of plume condition...

Fate/Transport Modeling and Remediation of Contaminated Plume at Vance Airforce Base
Air Training Command (ATC) at Vance Air Force Base (VAFB) is responsible for implementing the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) according to the Comprehensive Environmental Response,...

Modeling Ecological Impacts of Destratification
Artificial destratification has long been advocated as a means of improving water quality in lakes and reservoirs. The results have been varied with examples of both water quality improvement...

Smoke Plumes From In Situ Burning of Oil Spills
Mesoscale pool fire experiments with effective diameters up to 17.2 m were conducted to obtain data on the characteristics of burning crude oil on water. These experiments showed that...

A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Motion of Polluting Surface Plumes Due to Drift Currents
The paper analyzes the problem of displacement from the offshore to the nearshore of a polluting surface plume, subject to advection generated by wind-waves and wind-currents. After a...





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