An Approach for Groundwater Plume Delineation
Product releases from underground storage tanks are in many cases very localized (point-source) and occur rapidly. When all or part of the released product reaches groundwater in a homogenous...

Dynamic Behavior Characteristics of Thermal Discharge Plumes

Coriolis Acceleration and Inlet Plume Characteristics

Satellite Detection of Waste Plumes in the New York Bight

Computer Simulation of Ice Control with Thermal Bubbler Plumes: Point Source Configuration

Groundwater Transport in a Heterogeneous Aquifer: Tracking a Complex Plume
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is conducting a large-scale groundwater research project as a part of the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) Solid Waste Environmental...

Hydrodynamic Dispersion: Estimation and Prediction
The dispersion of dissolved, nonreactive tracers in groundwater is governed by diffusion and advection. A.E. Scheidegger introduced the term dispersivity to describe the effect that a...

Outfall Plume Dilution in Stratified Fluids

Emergency Response
A spill normally has five phases; namely, the initial emergency response, the site assessment, the development of a remedial action plan, the implementation of the remedial action plan,...

Soil Gas Analysis for Tracking a Groundwater Plume

Plume Underflow Interaction in Natural Enclosures
A preliminary investigation into the feasibility of using a hot-water plume to intercept and entrain a cold underflow is presented. The investigation involved an adaptation of existing...

Dispersal of Dredged Material Disposal Plumes
An empirical model describes dispersal of dredged material disposal plumes in an urban estuary, Central Long Island Sound, during spring of 1983. The model uses in situ current meter data...

Coastal Sediment Plume Morphology and its Relationship to Environmental Forcing: Main Pass, Mobile Bay, Alabama

Entrainment and Mixing in Inclined Dense Plumes

Behavior of Sediment-Laden Plumes on Steep Slopes
The near field behavior of dense, sediment-laden flows on steep slopes was investigated as part of a study of mine tailings disposal. A literature review indicated that field and laboratory...

Jet Exhaust Plume in the Atmosphere

Transient Loads on Offshore Platforms During a Subsea Well Blowout

The Turbulent Structure of a Two-Dimensional Surface Thermal Plume

Criteria for Physical Simulation of Large-Area Fire Plumes

Thermal Plume Model for Demonstrating Compliance
A numerical model that simulates the discharge of heated water from a multiport line diffuser to a thermally stratified, flowing environment was developed. The model solves the conservation...





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