Numerical Experiments on Stratified Fluids Subject to Heating

A Model for Predicting the Properties of Three-Dimensional Negatively Buoyant Starting Plumes on a Sloping Surface

Turbulent Motions in a Surface Buoyant Jet

Turbulence and Fronts in Three-Dimensional Surface Plumes

An Integral Model of the Buoyant Surface Jet and Plume in a Cross Current and Wind

Buoyant Plumes from Hydrothermal Vents

Clouds Formed by Large Area Fires

Variability of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall Plume

Under-Ice Plume Dynamics

Coherent Structure and Its Contributions to Entrainment in Plane Forced Plume

Surface Plumes in Shallow Crossflow

Dynamic Behavior Characteristics of Thermal Discharge Plumes

Effects on Reservoir Water Quality Caused by Changes in Inflow Plume Hydrodynamics
In this paper, the effects of environmental changes on the hydrodynamic behavior of the Las Vegas Wash inflow into Lake Mead are discussed from the view-point of water quality. It is hypothesized...

An Approach for Groundwater Plume Delineation
Product releases from underground storage tanks are in many cases very localized (point-source) and occur rapidly. When all or part of the released product reaches groundwater in a homogenous...

Computer Simulation of Ice Control with Thermal Bubbler Plumes: Point Source Configuration

Coriolis Acceleration and Inlet Plume Characteristics

Satellite Detection of Waste Plumes in the New York Bight

Computer-Aided Response to Waterborne Contaminant Spills

Groundwater Transport in a Heterogeneous Aquifer: Tracking a Complex Plume
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is conducting a large-scale groundwater research project as a part of the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) Solid Waste Environmental...

Hydrodynamic Dispersion: Estimation and Prediction
The dispersion of dissolved, nonreactive tracers in groundwater is governed by diffusion and advection. A.E. Scheidegger introduced the term dispersivity to describe the effect that a...





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