Water Surface Flow and Exchange Induced by a Bubble Plume
Aeration is a common method to increase dissolved oxygen in the water of stratified (or non-stratified) lakes. In this method compressed air is injected at some depth, and gas is transferred...

Correlation of Fractional Foam Coverage with Gas Transport Rates
Because breaking waves are believed to increase the flux of gases across the air/sea interface, it may be possible to correlate air/sea gas transport velocities with whitecap coverage....

Mixing and Dispersion Processes in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall System in Southern California
Ocean wastewater plumes are important for the disposal of municipal wastes in Southern California. These plumes, which are discharged from sanitation systems, can be distinguished in the...

Turbulent Motions in a Surface Buoyant Jet

Under-Ice Plume Dynamics

Iona Outfall Plume Characterization Study
Field studies were conducted in August 1988 to verify the performance of the new deep sea outfall for the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) Iona Island Sewerage Treatment Plant...

Physical Modeling Study of the Niagara River Plume
A rotating laboratory facility is used to study the dynamics of the Niagara River discharge into Lake Ontario. The current tests are limits to buoyant discharge conditions, which occur...

Numerical Experiments on Stratified Fluids Subject to Heating

Stable Plume Dispersion Over an Isolated Hill

An Integral Model of the Buoyant Surface Jet and Plume in a Cross Current and Wind

Variability of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall Plume

Three-Dimensional Plume Dynamics in the Vadose Zone: PORFLO-3 Modeling of a Defense Waste Leak at Hanford
In 1973, approximately 450 m3 of liquid containing radioactive and chemical wastes leaked from the 241-T-106 single-shell tank into the vadose zone...

Thermal Plumes from Staged Diffusers into a Uniform Quiescent Environment
The behavior of thermal plumes from staged multiport diffusers was investigated experimentally. The three-dimensional temperature distribution was measured by scanning thermistor rakes...

Turbulence and Fronts in Three-Dimensional Surface Plumes

A Model for Predicting the Properties of Three-Dimensional Negatively Buoyant Starting Plumes on a Sloping Surface

Clouds Formed by Large Area Fires

Surface Plumes in Shallow Crossflow

Coherent Structure and Its Contributions to Entrainment in Plane Forced Plume

Buoyant Plumes from Hydrothermal Vents

Effects on Reservoir Water Quality Caused by Changes in Inflow Plume Hydrodynamics
In this paper, the effects of environmental changes on the hydrodynamic behavior of the Las Vegas Wash inflow into Lake Mead are discussed from the view-point of water quality. It is hypothesized...





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