Surficial Slides in Highly Plastic Clay Embankments

Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

A Sensitivity Study of Layered Elastic Theory for Airport Pavement Design

Numerical Implementation of a 3-D Nonlinear Seismic S-P-S-I Methodology

Plumbing the Quality of a Sewer System
Consultants in Phoenix were recently charged with assessing the city's sewer system, many feet of which were laid without plastic lining to protect them. Developing a capital...

Class of Masing Models for Plastic Hysteresis in Structures

Structural Control with Electrorheological Dampers: Viscoplastic Behavior and Anticipation

Lining the Line
Having succeeded in achieving dry stations and tunnels in mined construction, flexible waterproofing membranes are now being used to waterproof cut-and-cover subway stations and old, leaking...

Practical Advanced Analysis for Steel Frame Design

An Approximate Method for Assessment of Seismic Damage on Buildings

Analysis of Masonry Structures with Elastic/Viscoplastic Models

Elastic Moduli of a Bond Model for Reinforced Concrete

A Refined Numerical Approach for the Limit-Load Analysis of 3-D Steel Rod Structures

Improving Robustness of Algorithms to Implement HiSS models in FEM

Critical State Model at Finite Strains

A Unified Description of Soil Behavior

Shock Compression in Granular Media Using DFEM

Mechanical Response of Woven Graphite/Copper Composites

Concrete Beams and Slabs Retrofitted with CFRP Laminates

Smart Composite Rebars with Enhanced Ductility





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