Optimum Sample Size in Refuse Analysis
An optimum number of samples to obtain average weight and composition of collected household refuse is suggested based on surveys in nine municipalities in Melbourne and Perth, Australia....

Buckling of Reinforced Concrete Shells
The special phenomena of reinforced concrete shell buckling is described on the basis of the latest results of research. The method presented takes into consideration the special properties...

Plasticity Models for Soils-Comparison and Discussion

Critical Appraisal of Endochronic Theory for Soils

Plasticity Models for Soils

Description of Natural Clay Behavior by a Simple Bounding Surface Plasticity Formulation

Underground Plastic Pipe
Thirty-nine of the papers presented at the 1981 International Conference on Underground Plastic Pipe are included. The types of pipes examined include: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastic...

Highway Underdrainage

Design and Construction of World's Tallest Free-standing Fiberglass Stack
The design, fabrication and erection procedures are discussed for a 170-ft free-standing fiberglass reinforced plastic exhaust stack-scrubber system. Advantages and disadvantages in the...

Solar Distillation of Toxic Industrial Wastes

Plastics in Piping

Structural Design of Buried Pipe

Flexibility of the Design of Fiberglass Pipe

Structural Design of Underground GRP Pipe

Design and Installation of Underground Plastic Sewer Pipes

Strain as a Design Basis for PVC Pipes

Plastic Gravity Sewer Pipes Subjected to Constant Strain by Deflection

The Relationship Between the Stiffness of a GRP Pipe and its Performance When Installed

PVC Pipe Performance in Water Mains Sewers

Large Diameter Polyethylene Profile-Wall Pipes in Sewer Application





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