Analysis of Soil Response with Different Plasticity Models

Expansion of Cavities in Sand

Plastic-Limit Equilibrium States in Soil Media

The Application of Generalized Stress-Strain Relations

A Comparative Study of F.R.P. Design Practices

Acoustic Emission Testing of FRP Pipe

Fire and Chemical Resistant Fiberglass Structures

Plasticity Models for Soils: Comparison and Discussion

Critical Appraisal of Endochronic Theory for Soils

Plasticity Models for Soils: Theory and Calibration

Examples of the Use of the Cap Model for Simulating the Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils

Description of Natural Clay Behavior by a Simple Bounding Surface Plasticity Formulation

Soil-Pipe Interaction and Pipeline Design
The problem of steel pipe bend design with and without lateral soil restraint is studied, and the effect of backfill soil deformation on the bend design is postulated. Studies show that...

Rational Design of Fillet Weld Groups
Rational methods of analysis and design of fillet weld groups are presented. Concise statements of current elastic limiting stress procedures are used to provide information in the form...

Minimum Weight Plastic Design of Continuous Beams
A plastic design method is presented on minimizing the structural weight of n-span continuous beams with variable cross sections. The loads applied to the beam are combined loads consisting...

Undrained Settlement of Plastic and Organic Clays
For most foundation loading situations, initial settlements due to undrained shear deformations are small. The common practice of computing consolidation settlements using the conventional...

Continuum Solution of Simulated Pipe Whip Problem
The pipe whip problem is a highly nonlinear problem which, except for special conditions, is usually solved numerically. When a dynamic load is applied to the base of a pipe (striker)...

Plastic Models in Turbomachinery Foundation Studies
Over a period of years, the static and dynamic behavior of turbomachinery foundations have been studied with scaled plastic models. Experimental data from several investigators show the...

An Evaluation of Inelastic Seismic Design Spectra
After reviewing general methods available for determining seismic design forces for structures which can tolerate limited amounts of inelastic deformations, the reliability of two representative...

Hydraulic Testing of Plastic Filter Fabrics
The hydraulic characteristics of nonwoven filter filters were investigated using a laboratory permeameter to simulate a soil/fabric subsurface drainage system. By utilizing information...





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