On the Use of Finite Elements in Plastic Fluid Flow

A Bounding Surface Plasticity Model for Anisotropic Clays

Instability of Loose Saturated Sands Under Monotonic Loading

A Third-Invariant Viscoplasticity Theory for Rate-Dependent Soils

Yielding and Plastic Flow Characteristics of a Fine Grained Granular Material

Nonlinear Stress Analysis of Curved Bars

Inelastic Cyclic Bending of Thin-Walled Tubes

Elastic-Plastic Dynamic Analysis of Frames by Mode-Superposition and Plastic Loads

A Viscoplastic Constitutive Model for Anisotropic Metals at High Temperatures

Plastic Collapse, Shakedown and Hysteresis

Bounding-Surface Plasticity Model for Frames

Optimal Design of Skeletal Structures under Service and Ultimate Constraints

Recent Extensions of Prager's Theories of Optimal Plastic Design and Optimal Layout

Viscoplasticity in Elevated Temperature Fatigue

Viscoplastic Cyclic Effects in Crack Mechanics

Plasticity Modeling of Geotechnical Materials

Safety of Steel Frames Against Lateral Instability

Plastic and Other Limit State Methods for Design Evaluation
These proceedings consist of seven papers dealing with the topic of the design of complex structures using limit state methods. The emphasis is on the role of plastic or limit load techniques....

Pipeline Materials and Design
The proper use of pipeline materials and design is obviously paramount in the private and public works sectors. The introduction and proper use of new piping materials and design procedures...

Structural Plastics Design Manual
The structural behavior of plastics reflects a number of characteristics different from those of the metal, lumber, and concrete materials familiar to most design engineers. This manual...





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