Development of Inelastic Reduction Factors to Provide an Elastic Design Procedure
R factor values can only be rationally selected when they are based on in part nonlinear inelastic dynamic analyses of building system types. However, it is informative to discuss the...

Cold/Warm Water Zone Supply—An Edmonton Experience

Ultimate Capacity of Deep Foundation by a Rigid-Plastic Analysis
This paper is concerned with the determination of the axial ultimate capacity of a rigid pier on the basis of the theory of perfect plasticity. As an application of the upper bound theorem...

Performance of a Large Ribbed Mat on Cohesive Soil
The performance of a 678-ft by 304-ft (207-m by 93-m) ribbed concrete mat was studied to provide improved soil input parameters for design. The mat was constructed on a low plasticity...

Seascape (R) Synthetic Seaweed—A Failed Solution to Erosion in Barbados

Louisiana's Statewide Beach Cleanup

An Examination of Recent United States Federal Legislation Pertaining to Marine Plastic Pollution

Quantities and Spatial Dispersion of Marine Debris in Florida

Debris is Not a Cheese: Litter in Coastal Louisiana

Design of Plastic Piece Parts
This paper describes a computer assisted design process originally developed at the University of Wyoming and now implemented in commercial software. In order to address the need for broadly...

Stereolithography is a three-dimensional printing process which produces accurate copies of CAD solid or surface models directly from CAD data. The process uses a moving laser beam, directed...

Design of Steel Tunnel Liners
The paper presents a detailed development of the fundamental equations for internal pressure design, considering an elastic interaction between the steel liner and the surrounding rock...

Optimum Plastic Design of Two-Dimensional Frames

ZSOIL.PC, A Microcomputer Plasticity F.E.M. for the Stability Analysis of Soil Structures

Ductility Requirements for Composite Members

Elastic Design of Composite Slabs

Silicones—Space-Age Materials for Age Old Problems

Polyhedral Substitute Yield Conditions in Plastic Reliability Analysis
The method of invariant linear combinations of linearly associated lower bound safety margins is used for constructing upper bound approximations of the generalized reliability index with...

Upper-Bound Estimate of the Reliability of Plastic Slabs
This paper gives a brief presentation of some recent results on probabilistic analysis of plastic slabs, especially reinforced concrete slabs. The estimate of the reliability of such slabs...

Effects of Nonlinearities on Structural Reliability and Serviceability
Serviceability and failure limit states are computed using the Simple Plastic Theory (SPT) as well as with a Nonlinear Structural Analysis Program (NSAP). Geometric and material nonlinearities...





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