Blast Response of Concrete Beams and Slabs Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

Analytical Methods for Advanced Composite Materials - State of the Art

An Engineering Approach for Design of FRP Beams

Guidelines for Design of FRP Columns

FRP Modular System for Bridge Decks

NDE and Performance Monitoring of FRP-Wood Hybrid Structures

Derivation of Long Term Design Parameters for PVC Pipe Subject to External Loads

Frictional Relationship of HDPE Liners and Steel Host Pipes

Microscopic Aspects of Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Cohesive Soils and Their Macroscopic Representation

A New Shear Stud Connector Proposal

A New Design Method for Continuous Composite Beams Allowing for Rotation Capacity

Rotation Capacity of Partial Strength Composite Connections

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

Surficial Slides in Highly Plastic Clay Embankments

Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

A Sensitivity Study of Layered Elastic Theory for Airport Pavement Design

Numerical Implementation of a 3-D Nonlinear Seismic S-P-S-I Methodology

Project Agreements
Project agreements and early project planning should be accomplished at the same time. However, it seems that project agreements are often developed prior to any definitive project work...

Plumbing the Quality of a Sewer System
Consultants in Phoenix were recently charged with assessing the city's sewer system, many feet of which were laid without plastic lining to protect them. Developing a capital...

Class of Masing Models for Plastic Hysteresis in Structures





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