An Assessment of Seismic Damage on Buildings

Inspecting Buried Plastic Pipe Using a Rotating Sonic Caliper

Field Performance of PVC Water Mains Buried in Different Backfills

Buried Plastic Pipe - Performance Versus Prediction

Installation Technique and Field Performance of HDPE, Profile Pipe

State-of-the-Art Review: Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Systems

Trenchless Replacement & Corrosion Protection of Deteriorated Manholes

Deformation of HDPE Pipes Due to Ground Saturation

Erosion Characteristics of Cohesive Sediments

Recylcing of Scrap Tires and Plastic Waste in Modification of Asphalt Binders

State of the Art
The structural engineering of San Francisco's new Museum of Modern Art offered many challenges to the engineer. The complexity of the building is both visually exciting and...

Local Buckling of Pultruded FRP Beams: Theory and Experiment
A continuing experimental and theoretical investigation of the local compression flange buckling of commercially produced pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) beams is briefly described...

Shear Design Guidelines for Polyester Concrete Using Recycled Plastic
Previous research on the shear behavior of steel-reinforced polymer concrete (PC) beams has been very limited and no efficient design procedures have been proposed. In all the previous...

Instrumentation and Testing of a Three Hinge Arch for Service Loads Increase
A three hinge arch railroad bridge was instrumented and tested to evaluate its condition and the required modification for increasing the service loads. Initially the structure was designed...

Design Implications of Advanced Analysis in LRFD
This paper discusses two advanced analysis methods, and their use in LRFD format. The first approach is called the notional load plastic hinge method and the second is called the second-order...

Tests on Deep I-Shape Pultruded Beams

Elasto - Plastic Analysis of Cable Net Structures
This paper presents a Newton-Raphson interaction technique which takes account of plastic cable strains while iterating on the nodal equilibrium equations of cable net structures. The...

How to Optimize Frames Using Plastic Design Concept
An optimal design procedure using plastic design concept was presented. For low-rise building frames, optimal plastic designs can be made using the plastic limit load as a basis of design....

Implementation of Elastic Layered Theory for Design of Unbonded Overlays
The U.S. Army and Air Force have implemented the elastic layered theory for design of unbonded overlays for rigid airfield pavements. The procedure allows for design of unbonded overlays...

Development of Functional Characteristics of Vehicle Mounted Plastic Scintillation System





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