Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airportā€”Development of Database

Evaluation of Service Load Behavior of Small Bridges Using Strain Measurement

Nonlinear Behavior of RC Cooling Towers and Its Effects on Strains, Stresses, Reinforcement and Cracks

Ten Year Performance of a High Performance Concrete Used to Build Two Experimental Columns

Constitutive Relationships of Mortar-Aggregate Interfaces in High Performance Concrete

Embedded Crack Approach to Regularize Finite Element Solutions of Concrete Structures

Degradation of Carboxydiphenyl Ether via Bioaugmentation
Two diphenyl ether-degrading bacteria, Pseudomonas pseudo-alcallgenes strain POB31O and P. sp....

Small Inocula Can Effect In Situ Biodegradation
This is the first report of colonization of soil by small numbers of a genetically engineered microorganism. The study suggests that the addition of small inocula of D5 to contaminated...

Optical Fiber Sensors for Advanced Civil Structures

An Analysis of Strong-Discontinuities in Inelastic Solids with Applications to the Finite Element Simulation of Strain Localization Problems

Critical State Model at Finite Strains

Structural Sensing with Fiber Optic Systems

Generalized Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis: Geomechanical Applications

Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature Using Fiber Grating Sensors

Complex Crack Interaction in Composite Plate

Micromechanical Modelling for Granular Materials

MRI Studies of Direct Shear Tests on Round Particles

A Boolean Material Property Database

Modeling Stress-Strain Response of Clay Using Neural Nets

Statistical Model for Sand Compaction Under Cyclic Shear Strain





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