Settlement of Footings on Granular Materials: Low and Large Strain Parameters
Many methods have been proposed to predict the settlement of shallow foundations on granular soils. The analysis of more than 200 case histories shows that there is no correlation between...

Deformations in Granular Soils Due to Cyclic Loading

Advances in Strain-Hardening Cement Based Composites

Strain Measurement on the Runner of a Hydroelectric Turbine
Twelve strain gages were installed on the 10-m-diameter runner of Unit G-23 (700 MW) at Grand Coulee Dam, Third Powerhouse. The gages were located on both the pressure and suction sides...

Testing Methods for Roof Systems

Load-Deformation Curves of Normal and High Strength Concrete for a Range of Height to Diameter Ratios

Etched Fibers for Strain and Vibration Measurements

Serpentine Optical Fiber Strain Gauge Evaluation

Evaluation of Fiber Optic Bragg Grating Strain Sensor in High Strength Concrete Beams

High Temperature Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing Using OTDR

New Methods for Distributed Optical-Fibre Measurement of Strain and Temperature in Large Structures

Strain and Temperature Measurement Using Optical Fiber

Serviceability Reliability Analysis of Wood Beams
The effect of creep deformations on the serviceability reliability of single wood beams is investigated. Using stochastic load models and a time-dependent stress-strain relationship, the...

In-Situ Determination of the Compressive Stress-Strain Relationship of Multi-Wythe Brick Masonry
In-situ stress-strain relationships of existing multi-wythe brick masonry have been determined by introducing flatjacks into sawcuts made in the exterior wythe of the multi-wythe masonry....

Using Finite Element Analysis to Derive the Coefficient of Subgrade Reaction
The coefficient subgrade reaction is a concept used to generate spring constants which are commonly used to model the foundation subgrade in the analysis of mat foundations. This paper...

The Pipe/Soil Stiffness Ratio Variable
This paper reviews the factors which affect the reactions and defines performance limitations of buried flexible plastic pipe as a function of load-induced strains and deflections. The...

One and Three Dimensional, Three Phase Deformation in Soil
An initially saturated soil exhibits two distinct deformation patterns as it drys. First, it deforms vertically until the soil begins to drain. Secondly , it deforms laterally as well...

Foreign Investment in Latin America: A Second Look
It has become common to hear that Latin America has emerged from the lost decade of the 1980s, a period when virtually every country in the region suffered from high debt, high inflation...

Stabilized Active Clay by Sand Admixture

Damage Assessment in Concrete Using Acoustic Emission
An acoustic emission (AE) is a localized rapid release of strain energy in a stressed material. This energy release causes stress waves to propagate through the specimen. These acoustic...





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