Strain Rate Effects on Stress-Strain Behaviour of Clay as Observed in Monotonic and Cyclic Triaxial Tests


Prediction of Concrete Cracking Under Coupled Shrinkage and Creep Conditions

Constitutive Driver for Cohesive-Frictional Materials

A Computer Controlled Filament Winding Technique for Manufacturing Cement Based Cross-Ply Laminates

Stress-Strain Behavior of High-Performance 70W Bridge Steel

Experimental Measurement of Strain Gradient Effects in Granular Materials

Evaluation of Service Load Behavior of Small Bridges Using Strain Measurement

Issues of Uncertainty Regarding Localized Strains in Granular Soils

Statistical Model for Sand Compaction Under Cyclic Shear Strain

Embedded Crack Approach to Regularize Finite Element Solutions of Concrete Structures

Structural Aspects of Pipeline Crossings

MRI Studies of Direct Shear Tests on Round Particles

Complex Crack Interaction in Composite Plate

An Analysis of Strong-Discontinuities in Inelastic Solids with Applications to the Finite Element Simulation of Strain Localization Problems

Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature Using Fiber Grating Sensors

Importance of Strain Rate and Temperature Effects in Geotechnical Engineering

Rate-dependent Deformation of Structured Natural Clays

Generalized Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis: Geomechanical Applications

Drained Creep Behavior of Marine Clays





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