Examples of the Use of the Cap Model for Simulating the Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils

Constitutive Theory for Soil

Strain as a Design Basis for PVC Pipes

Plastic Gravity Sewer Pipes Subjected to Constant Strain by Deflection

Strain Calculations for FRP Pressure Pipe

Embedding of Flexible Pipes by Using Cohesive Soils

Accumulation of Second Order Strain in Workhardening Media

Accumulation of Second Order Strain in Cyclic Loading of Viscous Bar

Second-Order Strain Accumulation in Workhardening Media

The Effect of Filler on the Mechanical Properties of an Elastometer at High Strain Rates

Limit Equilibrium, Plasticity and General Stress-Strain in Geotechnical Engineering
Papers and discussions from the workshop on limit equilibrium, plasticity, and generalized stress-strain in geotechnical engineering are presented. The papers address aspects of the problems...

A Constitutive Law for Sands and Clays—Position, Prediction and Evaluation

Stressed-Strained State of Expansive Soil Massifs

Influence of Notch Dimensions on the Effective Surface Energy and Notch-Sensitivity of Cement Compounds

A Plastic-Fracture Model for Concrete

Evaluation of Fracture Techniques in Cementitious Composites

A Study of Downdrag on a Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile

Field Measurements of Dynamic Soil Parameters

Strain Controlled Testing of Expansive Soils

Evaluation and Prediction of Subsidence
Proceedings of the International Conference on Evaluation and Prediction of Subsidence held at Casino Hotel, Pensacola Beach, Florida, January 1978. Sponsored by the American Society of...





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