Impact of Steel Fibers and Stirrup Spacing on Compression Strut Capacity

Effects of Test Methods on the Cyclic Deformation Characteristics of High Quality Undisturbed Gravel Samples

Analysis of Anisotropy in Sheet Forming Using Polycrystal Plasticity

Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Biaxial Stress States

Damage Models for Masonry Structures

Modelling Stress State-Dependent Deformation Behavior of Polycrystalline Metals

Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Plates Subjected to Ramdomly Varying In-Plane Loads

Estimates of Maximum Strains Induced in Buried Pipelines by Dynamic Loading

A Simplified Estimate of Seismic Soil Strain for Lifeline Systems

Study of Interaction Between Pneumatic Spherical and Cylindrical Form Shells Subjected to Wind Pressure
In the design of pneumatic membrane structures, analysis of stress and deformations of structures subjected to wind is among the most important requirements. For the purpose of studying...

Snap Buckling of a Delaminated Layer in a Composite Cylinder
We investigate snap buckling of a thin delaminated layer on the inner surface of a contracting thick cylinder. Finite-deflection solutions of the layer with or without considering the...

Late Stage Damage in G30-500/PMR-15 Laminates
Damage progression has been studied experimentally under tension using [02/906]s...

Implementation of a Viscoplastic, Kinematic Hardening Constitutive Model for Impact Prediction
This paper reports on a preliminary study to determine the significance of the Bauschinger effect on modeling impact and other large deformation events. Such events have significant implications...

Physical Model Tests of Dolos Impact Stresses
An on-going experimental study to determine impact stresses and static nesting stresses in instrumented large scale model dolosse is described in this paper. Seven dolosse were instrumented...

Load Rate Effects on Concrete Compressive Strength
Plain concrete cylindrical specimens from six different concrete mixes, 51 mm in length and diameter, were tested in compression quasi-statically at strain rates between 10-6/sec...

Computer Modelling of Comminuting Granular Media
Using generalized continuum mechanics, generalized damage theories for granular materials in comminution processes are proposed. The generalization is accomplished by treating the average...

Load - Settlement Predictions for Spread Footing Event

Prediction of Settlement for Five Footings

Predictions of Footing Tests Sponsored by the FHWA Using a Strain Hardening Elastoplastic Constitutive Model

Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Sand
A new method for estimating the settlement of shallow foundations on sand is presented. The method is based on elastic stress-strain theory and is designed for use with soil data from...





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