Leachate Collection Pipe Cleaning Demonstration Project: A Full-Scale Example

Reducing Existing Underground Utility Risks on Airport Improvement Projects: Subsurface Utility Engineering

Making Way for Water
The State Water Project Coastal Branch Aqueduct and Extensions brings 48,000 acre feet of water annually to 23 Southern California communities. built over five years, the project involved...

ASCE is Preparing a Pipeline Manual?

Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

Promising New Ideas for Sedimentation Exclusion from Intakes

A Head Loss Criterion for Piping, Applied to Levees

Seismic Analysis of Buried Flexible Pipes

Blasting Near Segmented Pipelines: Damage Potential Assessment

Integrated Design Procedure for Flexible Pipe

The Suitability of Spangler's Iowa Formula for Predicting Deflection in All Flexible Pipes

Replacing E' with the Constrained Modulus in Flexible Pipe Design

Willow Street/Lower Sweetwater River Pipeline Crossings

The Successful Design of a Large Diameter Gravity Sewer

Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

Analysis of Surge Pressures in the Inland Feeder and Eastside Pipeline

Avoiding Common Thrust Restraint Mistakes

Bidding Projects with Alternative Pipeline Materials

Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of Pipeline Alignments for Soil Corrosivity Assessment and Corrosion Control Design for Large Diameter Water Pipelines

Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit





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