A Methodology for Minimizing Seismic and Corrosion Risks to Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Icicle/Frost Heave Prevention System Aided by Heat Pipe for Railway Tunnel

Installation and Evaluation of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Alaska Soils

South Metro Interceptor Phase IIIA Pipeline Rehabilitation Using the Polymer Foam Lining System

Lessons Learned about Pipe Bursting

CMWD Infrastructure Reliability Program for PCCP

Renovation of Three 108-Inch PCCP Water Pipelines

Various Methods of Pipeline Installation—Home Avenue Trunk Sewer

Owner Challenges When Selecting Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installations

Directional Drilling in Maine and New Hampshire for the PNGTS/Maritimes 762 mm Natural Gas Pipeline Project

A Proactive Approach to Water Distribution System Maintenance

The History of Trenchless Technology in the Middle East

Planning and Design Considerations for Upgrading Urban Water Distribution System

How Risk Management Relates to Pipeline Rehab

Acoustic Monitoring of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Corrosion Control Philosophy on a Large Concrete Pipeline System

Enhance Pipeline Reliability with Proper Installation

Corrosion Control Methods that Extend the Life of Existing Pipelines

Conquering the Cold
Three projects—a water treatment plant, an airport, and a hydroelectric plant—illustrate how practicing engineering in Alaska differs from working in the contiguous 48 states. Permafrost,...

A Joint Effort
In a public-private partnership that required close working relationships, a project that aimed to restore an old canal system— and its waterfront—in Richmond was combined with an effort...





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