Slip Lining Pipe Saves Railroad Crossing

Noninvasive Pipeline Technology Hits the City Streets

Sinking a Sewer Line
The design and construction of a sanitary sewer siphon using high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, provided Black & Veatch with a challenging opportunity...

Trenchless Transformation
The Framingham Extension Sewer (FES) was constructed of reinforced-concrete pipe in the mid-1950s as part of the wastewater collection system for the greater Boston area. Age and hydrogen...

Piped Lake Water Cools University

Sprinkler Irrigation
In sprinkler irrigation, water is applied to the soil using a pressurized piping system with nozzles, jets, or perforated pipe that sprays the water into the air. These sprinkler devices...

Simulation Studies How Pipelines React to Earthquakes

Grade Control Structures for Pipelines Crossings in the Arid Southwest

Polymers in Underground Concrete Rehabilitation

Innovations in Pipe Linings for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Main Line Mending
Both the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), of Laurel, Maryland, and the Providence Water Supply Board, of Rhode Island, are conducting massive, multimillion-dollar rehabilitation...

Girth Joints in Steel Pipelines Subjected to Wrinkling and Ovalling

Geographic Information System (GIS) Characterization of Spatially-Distributed Lifeline Damage

Pipeline Damage Due to Fault Offsets in the Landers Earthquake

Comparison of American and Chinese Methodologies for Evaluating Seismic Performance of Water Delivery Systems

Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Design and Construction for Pipelines Buried in Liquefiable Riverbed

Case Studies of Seven Seismic Improvement Programs: Summary and Recommendations

New Trans-Alaska Pipeline Earthquake Monitoring System

A Methodology for Minimizing Seismic and Corrosion Risks to Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Renovation of Three 108-Inch PCCP Water Pipelines





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