2008 Honors and Awards: Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award

2008 Civil Engineering Industry Buyer' Guide
A Special Supplement to Civil Engineering Magazine
This guide covers the following topics: Construction materials; Geotechnical and environmental; Information technology; Pipelines, sewers, and accessories; Professional and professional...

2007 Honors and Awards: Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award

The Articulated Stinger: A New Tool for Laying Offshore Pipelines

Pipelines: Tunneling Work Begins on San Diego Pipeline

Water Resources: Design of Long-Awaited San Luis Obispo Pipeline Begins

NewsBriefs: Pipeline Replacement Project Scheduled In Washington (Seattle Times)

NewsBriefs: '811' Designated For Pipeline Protection (Federal Communication Commission)

NewsBriefs: Freight Pipeline Route Studied (Freight Pipeline Company)

NewsBriefs: World Bank Supports Caspian Pipeline (Houston Chronicle)

NewsBriefs: Construction Begins on Oil Pipeline (China View (www.xinhuanet.com/english)

Traffic Management: Underground Pipeline System Could Relieve Traffic Congestion

Closing the Loop
By constructing an enormous pipeline system and a new pumping station, the city of Irving will bring a new supply of water to the Dallas-Fort Worth region and improve the reliability of...

Registration Open for ASCE Conferences on Pipelines, Engineering Mechanics

Summary of Water Infrastructure Legislation

Pipeline Infrastructure Security

Pipeline Inspections Take a Virtual Twist

The Groundwater Replenishment (GWR) System is a regional water supply project sponsored jointly by the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD)....

Geotechnical Engineering: Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline Removes Soil Vertically

ASCE Addresses Pipeline Safety Concerns





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