The Pipeline to Diversity and Inclusion in the Geoprofessions: Challenging the Profession to Increase Innovation, Profitability, and Future Sustainability
Diversity + Inclusion (D+I) is a term often used in the workplace, but its meaning is not well understood. People generally value the concept, but its nebulousness has kneecapped the movement. In fact,...

Fort Worth Wastewater Pipe Project Works Toward 2030 Capacity

Rapidly Constructed Pipeline Delivers Nonpotable Supplies to West Texas Fracking Operations

Construction Begins Soon on Major Pipeline in Houston

Design of Submarine Pipelines Against Upheaval Buckling
This paper describes part of a comprehensive joint-industry project on upheaval buckling. It develops a semi-empirical simplified design method and detailed design methods based on a new numerical analysis,...

Improving Cost and Schedule Performance on Municipal Pipeline Projects: Realizing the Benefits of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Alternative Project Delivery Method
The water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States is failing. In its 2013 Report Card on American Infrastructure, ASCE stated: "The water and wastewater...

San Antonio Hires Consortium to Deliver and Operate Lengthy Pipeline

Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

This standard guideline covers planning, design, pipe materials, and construction of microtunneling. The term microtunneling is defined as a trenchless construction method for installing...

Project Layout
Microtunneling projects should be laid out with attention to the benefits and constraints unique to this construction process. The following recommendations address some of these concerns:...

Field Aspects
As soon as practical after their arrival at the project site, all pipes, fittings, and appurtenances should be thoroughly checked for compliance with the contract documents and accepted...

Performance Limits for Deepwater Pipelines
This paper highlights the differences between onshore and offshore pipeline design. It then summarizes the results of combined external pressure, tension, and bending testing on full scale...

Port Arthur Project Features Longest Direct Pipe Installation in North America

Sinkhole Investigation and Grouting: Novel Recommendations for a Pipeline Right-of-Way
In 2009, numerous sinkholes developed within and adjacent to a 400-ft-long section of high-pressure, petroleum pipeline right-of-way that crosses under a local creek in Plymouth Meeting,...

Gravity-Fed Pipeline Provides Big Savings for New Jersey Treatment Facility

San Francisco Nears Start of Last Pipeline Improvement Project

San Angelo Completes Pipeline for Groundwater Supply Project

Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
The Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice is a professional, authoritative technical resource that reports on a broad range of topics pertaining to the planning, engineering, design, construction,...

2010 Honors and Awards: Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award

Colorado Utility Taps Dam for Drinking Water





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