Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Small Diameter Steel Pipe Piles

Going Against the Grain
Conventional wisdom has it that granular soils perform better in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall systems. Their properties are well known and simple to express in mathematical...

Evaluation of SSET
The Sewer Scanner & Evaluation Technology
Prepared by CEITEC, a CERF innovation center serving the engineering and construction industries. This report describes an evaluation of Sewer Scanner...

Modeling of Shear Beahvior of RC Bridge Structures

Open Forum on Construction Failures

Application of the Texas A&M University (TAMU) Dredging Cost Model to Long Distance Transport
To develop intelligent decisions about moving sediment long distances to the coast from dams, the cost becomes a major factor. The cost will be a function of many factors including cleaning...

The No-Filter Factor of Safety Against Piping Through Sands

Judgment and Innovation
The Heritage and Future of the Geotechnical Engineering Profession
This book contains six papers of timeless value from some of the most experienced leaders of the geotechnical engineering profession. The papers reflect over 250 years of collective geotechnical...

Bridge Scour Vulnerability Assessment

Scour Evaluations of Existing Bridges

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

Hatchie River and Schoharie Creek Bridge Failures

Cause of the 1995 I-5 Bridge Failure

Threats to Bridge Stability from Scour Related Failures of Drop Structures

Failure Behavior of Riprap Layer Around Bridge Piers

Loss Accounting Principles with Emphasis on Bridge Failure

Risk Analysis of River Bridge Failure





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