Equilibrium in a 2-dimensional granular flow

The Energetics of Ice Pile-Up: Physical Experiments

Reliability Analysis of Parallel Pile Systems

In the Wet
The concept of using large diameter vertical cylinder piles of steel and concrete is not new. Vertical cylinders constructed in pneumatic caissons go back at least 70 years. Steel cylinders...

Productivity Analysis Using Simulation

Computer Methods for Settlement Analyses of Piles

Computer-Based Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Driveability

Computer-Assisted Design of Piles and Pile Groups for Capacity, Settlement, and Negative Skin Friction

Curvatures of Piles Subject to Earthquakes

Waste Pile to Parking Lot: A Case Study

Engineering a Landslide
A slope failure in northwest Alabama has been stabilized using a system of grouted INSERT piles to provide load transfer across the failure surface of the slide. This system, referred...

Hydroelectric Redevelopment Maintains Heritage Values

Slope Restroration for a 100-Year Old Canal

Pile Response to Lateral Spread: A Benchmark Case

Local Scour Near Multiple Pile Piers in Steady Currents

Local Scour Near Single Piles in Steady Currents

Effects of Exposed Pile Foundations on Local Pier Scour

Investigation of 3-D Nonlinear Seismic Performance of Pile-Supported Structures

Pile Foundation Stiffness as a Function of Free-Field or Near-Field Soil Strain

Modeling of Soil-Pile-Superstructure Interaction for Bridge Foundations





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