CE Student Notions about the Expected Performance of their Designs

Recycling Penn Forest Dam
Almost since it's construction more than 30 years ago, the Penn Forest Dam had suffered severe seepage, leading officials in Bethlehem, Penn., to wonder how secure their largest...

Construction of Deep Foundations in the Taipei Metropolitan Area

Status of ASCE Standard on Design and Construction of Frost Protected Shallow Foundations

Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering in Permafrost Regions

Significant Soil Properties in the Thermal and Structural Design of Building Foundations

Innovative Design and Construction for Foundations and Substructures Subject to Freezing and Frost
This proceedings, Innovative Design and Construction for Foundations and Substructures Subject to Freezing and Frost, consists of papers presented...

Seismic Analysis and Design for Soil-Pile-Structure Interactions
Pile foundations are used extensively to support structures in seismic regions around the world. For years, geotechnical engineers have neglected to consider the interaction soil-pile...

Florida's Big Bellies
FPL designed and installed double reverse tapered poles, affectionately called big belly because the width gradually increases toward the middle and narrows at both ends. The poles replace...

Grouting to Great Depths
Logan Martin dam on the Coosa River in Alabama has been plagued by underseepage since its construction in 1964. The karst forming the dam's foundation allows water to flow...

Guy Anchors and Foundations
This section describes typical types of guy anchors that are commonly used today. It is not the intention of this guide to provide direction for the design of the anchor or foundation...

Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
The Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering covers the broad area of practice known as geotechnical engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures,...

Turnback Project Moves Ahead
The $202 million Muni Metro Turnback (MMT) Project, scheduled for completion in September 1996, includes an 840 ft section consisting of twin steel-lined tunnels that connects to the Embarcadero...

Studies on Wave, Current and Suspended Sediment Characteristics at the Surf Zone

Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

Time Effects on Pile Skin Resistance

Condition Assessment of Marine Timber Piles Using Stress Wave Method

Modeling the Dynamic Nonlinear Response of Single Piles

Seismic Response Assessment of Active-Controlled Multi-Story Buildings with Soil-Foundation Influence

Start the Presses!
Turning an existing bleach manufacturing facility into a printing plant required careful structural design to support a wide range of production processes. The new Daily News facility...





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