A Numerical Wave Tank for Nonlinear Wave Simulations

Numerical Modeling of Deep-Water Wave Breaking

Breakwater Effects in Piraeus Port Wave Climate

Quantification of Incident Wave Conditions in a Laboratory Model Basin

Development of an Integrated Toxic Loading Permit Model for both Municipal and Industrial Applications

Southern California Water Reclamation Study

A Statistical Approach to Modeling Groundwater Hydrology in a Constructed Wetland on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Delaware
The design of wetlands based on groundwater as the principal source of hydrology pose uncertainties in areas where erratic seasonal groundwater fluctuations exist. Under these conditions,...

Modeling Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of Tampa Bay During Summer of 1991

A 3-D Model of Florida's Sebastian River Estuary

Seasonal Characteristics of the Tidal Current Circulation in Omura Bay

Field Data Collection and Modeling for Verification of an Ecosystem Model in Osaka Bay, Japan

Hydrodynamic Modeling Croatan/Pamlico Sound System, NC

Development of an Experimental Nowcast/Forecast System for Chesapeake Bay Water Levels

Modeling Thermal Structure and Circulation in Lake Michigan

Three-Dimensional Model Simulations off the West Coast of Vancouver Island

A Three-Dimensional Ocean Circulation Model with Wave Effects

Traffic Management Measures for Guided Bus Operation

Stochastic Traffic Assignment with a Simulation-Based Delay Model

Evaluations of Travel Demand Management Schemes Using a Combined Modal Split and Traffic Assignment Model

A Traffic Signal Control Formulation Based on the Cell-Transmission Model





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