High Strength Phosphate Cement Using Industrial Byproduct Ashes

Surcharge of Phosphatic Waste Clay with Strip Drains

Geochemical Modeling of Lead in Vadose Zone
In recent years, researchers have used multicomponent reactive transport models to study the mobility of potentially toxic heavy metals in the subsurface. In this study, such a mathematical...

Seepage Assessments and Control Associated with Florida's Phosphate Industry

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

Toward Ultimate Phosphate Removal and Recovery from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Nitrogen and Phosphate in Vadose Waters in Heber Valley
During the last decade best management practices have been gradually implemented in Heber Valley to maintain and enhance the qualities of surface waters that flow into Deer Creek Reservoir....

Water Quality and Hydrologic Characteristics of a Wet Detention Pond
A small wet detention pond was instrumented to determine treatment efficiencies. Annual loads showed a reduction from the inflow to the outflow for ammonia as nitrogen (39%), organic nitrogen...

Overview of Acid Mine Drainage Control Strategies
Since 1970, regulations requiring proper overburden sampling techniques to obtain representative geologic profiles and outline specific overburden analysis to determine acid-producing,...

Behaviour of Plutonium, Rare Earth Elements and Elements of the Platinum Group in Vitreous Phosphate Composites During Liquid HLW Vitrification
The methods of γ-spectrometry, γ-scanning, α-radiography, optical microscopy, x-ray phase and x-ray fluorescent analyses were used to study the behaviour of Pu, La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Ru, Rh,...

Expansion of the Electro-Coal Transfer Terminal
This paper briefly describes renovation and expansion of the coal and phosphate marine terminal in Davant, La. The program included: replacement of existing berths damaged by marine accident;...

Experimental Verification of a Unified Chlorine-Ammonia Reaction Model
A model of the reacting aqueous chlorine-ammonia system is proposed which describes equally well the rapid 'breakpoint' oxidation of ammonia or the slow decomposition...

An Annual Water Balance for a Surface Mining Overburden Waste Embankment
The embankment contained a volume of 257 thousand cubic yards and resulted from a phosphate surface mining operation in southeastern Idaho. The elevation of the embankment is about 7500...

Waste Phosphatic Clay Disposal in Mine Cutsr
Research was undertaken to assess the applicability of waste clay disposal back into phosphate mine cuts. The pit was monitored for two years with measurements of clay surface elevation,...

Polyphosphate Additions for Corrosion Control in Water Distribution Systems

Phosphate Mine Dump Hydrology

Composite Water Movement in a Sloping Phosphate Mine Dump

Phosphate Mining in Southeast Idaho

Snow-Erosion Relationships on Mine Waste Dumps

Phosphate Mine Dump Stability and Revegetation





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