Numerical Simulation of Reductive Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethene in a Sandbox Model

Mapping Groundwater Vulnerability to Nitrate and Pesticide Contamination in the Salinas Valley, Monterey County, California
This paper describes the approach and the associated investigation leading to the development of groundwater vulnerability maps for a critical water supply region in the Monterey County....

Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Agricultural Chemical Assessment of Rural Private Wells
The detection of agricultural chemicals in rural private wells has prompted for numerous studies at regional, state, and national levels. A principal concern arises from the fact that...

Neural Networks Predict Pesticide Leaching
The goal of this work was to determine whether artificial neural networks (ANN) can be used to predict the percentage of applied pesticide that leaches through 50 cm of turfgrass covered...

Uncertainty in Comparative Analysis with Continuous Nonpoint Source Pollution Models
There have been few attempts to quantify the impact of parameter uncertainty in comparative analysis with continuous nonpoint source pollution models. This paper presents the results of...

Efficiencies of Drainage Systems and Improved Water Management
Drainage of agricultural lands has become a contentious issue as concern increases over the actual economic benefits of subsurface drainage in irrigated regions relative to the impacts...

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Natural Organics and Pesticides from Drinking Water
Among the technologies available to deal with the problem of pesticides in drinking water, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) represent a treatment that has the potential of completely...

Simulation of Pesticide Transport for Verification of the DWRDSM
The California Department of Water Resources Delta Simulation Model (DWRDSM) is periodically verified against new hydrodynamics and water quality field data to ensure reliability and identify...

Wetland Biotransformation of Atrazine

Remediation of a Sandy Loam Contaminated with Mixed Pollutants

Assessment of Clay Colloid Transport and the Associated Transport of Herbicides in Subsurface

Environmental Issues in Relicensing Hearings for Carolina Power & Light Company's Walters Hydroelectric Plant on the Pigeon River, NC

Constructed Wetlands for Sediment and Non-point Source Pollution Control at US Army Corps of Engineers Projects

Modeling Riverine Transport of a Pesticide Plume

Watershed Management to Achieve Environmental Quality Goals: A Case Study in Walnut Creek Watershed, Iowa

Agricultural Chemical Contamination of Shallow, Large Diameter Wells in Illinois

Applications of Isotopes to Tracing Sources of Solutes and Water in Shallow Systems

Now Showing in San Diego
This article is a roundup of three major infrastructure projects in the San Diego area. Each of these projects will be features in the technical tours portion of the ASCE conference in...

Effects of Golf Course Management on Pesticide and Fertilizer Fate

Biotransformation of Pesticides in Simulated Groundwater Columns
Experiments were performed to investigate the biotransformation of the pesticides alachlor, propachlor, atrazine, and bromacil under aerobic and nitrate-reducing conditions. Glass bead...





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