Coping with EPA's Storm Water Permit for Hazardous Waste Facilities, Industrial Landfills, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Recyclers

Session V: Policy & Institutional Issues of NPDES Monitoring - Discussion

Development of a Spatial Decision Support System for Assessment and Management of Combined Sewers

Evaluating Reuse Feasibility with Predictive Models

Stream Dissolved Oxygen Modeling and Wasteload Allocation

Streamlined Permitting for Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facilities

A Methodology for the Assessment of Cumulative Impacts of Section 404 Clean Water Act Permitting: The Santa Margarita Watershed Case Study

The Effects of Water Resources Planning on Land Development Projects

Hydropower Application of Confined Space Regulations

Stormwater Monitoring: Local Municipal Perspectives

Stormwater Permitting an Industrial Experience

Project Structural Peer Review in Massachusetts

Simple Live Load Distribution Factors for Girder Bridges

Surface Water Withdrawal Permits Programs for Humid Regions
In humid regions of the U.S., where control of surface water withdrawal is traditionally under the riparian doctrine, there are few strong regulatory programs to restrict water use. In...

Uniform State Registration and Permitting For High-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation

On Solid Golden Pond

Clarifier Enhancements Yield Excellent Performance
The critical role of final clarifiers in meeting effluent permit requirements in indisputable. Poor performance of the final clarification step may adversely affect effluent quality. Experience...

Investigations of Potential Radical Interaction in the Formation of Brominated Organic Compounds in Water
A system has been designed that permits the examination of the formation of organic bromine compounds via a radical pathway. Hydroxyl radicals (HO)...

Field Performance of an Acoustic Scour-Depth Monitoring System
The Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet serves as the only land link between Bodie and Hatteras Islands, part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Periodic soundings over the past...

Federal Permits for Marina Development: Controlling the Process





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