Dam Construction in Northern Environment: A Numerical Study

Minimizing Costs of Northern Highways by Using BST

Strengthening Railroad Roadbed Bases Constructed on Icy Permafrost Soils

Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Groundwater in Areas of Discontinuous Permafrost

Computer Predictions of Thaw Beneath Gravel Embankments on Warm Permafrost
A computer model was used to simulate the freeze-thaw effects of gravel embankments on warm permafrost typical of south-central Alaska using a one-dimensional finite-difference code, FREZ1D....

Treatment of Unstable Foundation Areas in Alaska's Pavement Management System
In the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Pavement Management System (PMS) unstable foundation areas are defined as sections of roadway that experience...

Pressuremeter Stress Relaxation Testing in a Permafrost Tunnel
In the spring of 1988, a geotechnical testing program was carried out in the U.S. Army CRREL Permafrost Tunnel, located at Fox, near Fairbanks, Alaska. In all, some thirty cone penetrometer...

Ground Water in Permafrost in Northeast China

Single Pile and Pile Group in Permafrost
The results of laboratory and field experiments on single pile and pile group behaviour in frozen soils are reported. It was shown that the character of soil deformation was influenced...

Flowing Artesian Wells in Permafrost Regions

Design and Installation of a Pile Foundation in a Remote Area of Alaska

Pressure Buildup in Permafrost Pile Supports Induced by Freezeback

In-Situ Plate-Load Tests of Frozen Silt and Gravel

The Modified Berggren Method — A Review

Influence of Ground Ice Variability on Settlement in Thawing Permafrost

Innovative Foundation Designs for Permafrost Conditions in the Arctic
This paper describes the engineering solution to restore the structural properties of permafrost at a site location in the Western Operating Area of the Prudhoe Bay Field. Steel pile supports...

Section One—Embankment Design and Construction in Cold Regions: An Overview

Section Two — Embankment Stabilization Techniques

Section Six—Embankment Case Histories on Permafrost

Coastal Geomorphology of Arctic Alaska





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