Managing Border Irrigation for Near-Zero Discharge
A dimensionless database of previously executed simulations of sloping-border irrigation with tailwater runoff constitutes the heart of design-aid software showing the effects on runoff...

Analytical Modelling of Damage Based on an Improved Percolation Model

Calculation of Thermal Conductivity of Unsaturated Porous Media Based on Microscopic Fluid Distribution

Numerical Analysis of a Proposed Percolation Experiment at The Peña Blanca Natural Analog Site

The Optimization of Spreading Ground Operations

Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in Punjab India

Alternative Barrier Layers for Surface Covers in Dry Climates

Limitations on Use of the HELP Model Version 3

Basalt Geology and Recharge by Percolation Tanks

Earthen Covers for Semi-Arid and Arid Climates

Monitoring Water Quality and Use in Colorado
This paper presents the results of a two year study on the impact of irrigation water use on water quality near Greeley, CO. Data on irrigation application efficiency, deep percolation,...

A Borehole Instrumentation Program for Characterization of Unsaturated-Zone Percolation

Some Features of the Initial Stage of Sediment Motion in Water Flows

Sensitivity Analyses for Total-System Performance Assessment
As a follow-on to Sandia's 1991 preliminary total-system performance assessment of the Yuc1ca Mountain site, this paper presents results of some sensitivity analyses that were done using...

Investigation of Fracture-Matrix Interaction: Preliminary Experiments in a Simple System
Paramount to the modeling of unsaturated flow and transport through fractured porous media is a clear understanding of the processes controlling fracture-matrix interaction. As a first...

Effect of Interconnection of Fractures on Dispersion in Flow Through Fractured Networks
A stochastic modeling technique in a 2-D discrete fracture network with two orthogonal sets of fractures is developed to investigate mass transport dispersion and to investigate the relation...

Modeling Contaminant Migration from an Unlined Pond
A hybrid one-dimensional (1-D) vertical model coupled with a two-dimensional (2-D) aquifer model was applied to study the fate and transport of arsenic, fluoride, and orthophosphate resulting...

Artificial Recharge Feasibility Evaluation by Field Investigation

A Numerical Study of Water Percolation through an Unsaturated Variable Aperture Fracture Under Coupled Thermomechanical Effects

History of Lysimeter Design and Use for Evapotranspiration Measurements
Lysimeters are devices for measuring percolation of water through soils and sampling soil water for chemical analyses. Lysimeters have been used for over 300 years to determine water use...





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