Byzantine Drainage Law: Pennsylvania's Experience

Pittsburgh's Troubled Bridges: What to Do About Them—
The Pittsburgh area is troubled by old bridges that are badly deteriorated. The metropolitan area has more bridges — 1,700 — than any other. And some 66 of them have weight limits posted....

Secret to Constructing Pittsburgh's New Busway Within Budget
The owner of Pittsburgh's new South Busway worked hard to create a climate of cooperation, good will, mutual trust, and team work among owner, consulting engineer, contractor,...

The Nation's Transportation Energy Conservation Plan: A Case Study of Pennsylvania

The Loyalsock Creek Model Study

Philadelphia Bridge Sparked Growth of Prestressed Concrete in the U.S.
Prestressing has been used for centuries. For instance, iron bands were heat-shrunk over built-up wooden wheels to increase their resistance to damage. In 1888, a man named Jackson from...

Prototype Reaeration Measurements, Beltzville Dam, Pennsylvania

Mahoning Dam Foundation Re-Evaluation

Foundation Treatment for Little Blue Run Dam

Erratum for The Three Ages of Philadelphia

The Three Ages of Philadelphia
Philadelphia was founded in 1682 when a shipload of 70 arrived with William Penn from England. Origins of this all-religious colony are described. Though a half-century younger than New...

Philadelphia Meeting Report — Part 2

Sediment Control during Highway Construction in Central Pennsylvania

Overview of Residuals Management in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Section Plans Parolee Program

Dam Safety Program in Pennsylvania

Engineering Properties of a Pennsylvania Shale

The Slide at Brilliant Cut

Philadelphia Regions Urban Corridor Demonstration Program

The Terminal Complex in Pittsburgh





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