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Contract Administration: A Resident Engineer's View
Professional liability related to field work is a major concern of the consulting profession. Field personnel should review the plans and specification in the pre-construction period and...

Computer-Aided Drafting in Civil Engineering
Computer aided drafting (CAD) is defined as an interactive computer graphics system suitable for the generation of engineering documentation. The development of CAD is reviewed. The computer...

On Editorial Review Policies and Publishing Costs

Standards for Computer-Based Design Studies
As a result of the large variety of computer-based studies available, their rapid evolution and their complex structures, these programs are becoming increasingly difficult to manage....

Structural Design of Tall Steel Buildings, Volume SB, by Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (Book Review)

Tall Building Criteria and Loading, Volume CL (feature book review)

Miles to go; European and American Transportation Policies, by James A. Dunn, Jr. (Book Review)

Tall Building Systems and Concepts, Volume sc, Edited by Lynn S. Beedle (Book Review)

Design of Single Story Rigid Frames, by George C. Lee, Robert L. Ketter, and T.L. Hsu (Book review)

Structural Optimization
Recent Developments and Applications
Current documentation of the state-of-the-art of structural optimization is provided. Recent developments in the field, between 1972 and 1980, are emphasized. Research in structural optimization...

Journal-Paper Review Statistics
This report provides information on paper review statistics of the Geotechnical Engineering Division's Committee on Publications, paper acceptability, current procedures used by this Committee,...

Effective Water Research Programs
Effective research programs are those that support the most interested, informed and competent researchers. In defining the problem to be researched, obtaining detailed data relative to...

Margins for Survival: Overcoming Political Limits in Steering Technology by Edward Wenk, Jr. (Book Review)

Claims and Changes Handbook for Construction Contract Management, by Paul Levin. (Book review)

Japan as Number One (Book Review)
Japan is world champ in rate of growth of productivity of its economy — 10% a year compared with 0% currently for the U.S. Any of the reasons for this dramatically different economic performance...

Pavement Management Guide, by Roads and Transportation Association of Canada. (Book Review)

Planning of Water Quality Systems, by William Whipple, Jr. (Book Review)

Piles in Weak Rock, by the Institution of Civil Engineers, London (Book Review)

Multi-Storey Buildings in Steel, by F. Hart, W. Henn, and H. Sontag. (Book review)





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