Location and Capacity of Unsignalized Exits
The proportion of time during which pedestrians can cross a 2-way road at a location in between two signalized intersections depends on the arrival time at a point of crossing of vehicular...

British New Towns and the Civil Engineer
Since World War II Britain has built or is building several dozen New Towns. The first, designed to absorb London's growth, pioneered with breakthroughs in housing layouts...

Britain's Stevenage: Pathway Pioneer
There's been a boom in bike sales. Many new towns feature bike and pedestrian pathways. Many Americans are concerned about their health because they get too little exercise....

Design Of Pedestrian Facilities For The Washington Metro

Pedestrian System Planning for High Rise Buildings
The high rise is the critical test of the viability of the urban system, using land at a focal point of regional identity, loading transportation services at their point of convergence...

Planning the Pedestrian Environment

Pedestrian Mall: Purpose, Form, Design, Success

Fulton Arcade (A Pedestrian/Transitway in Downtown Brooklyn)

Safety of Pedestrians and Abutting Property Occupants

School Trip Safety and Urban Play Areas—A Study of the Young Pedestrian

A Behavioral Evaluation of Pedestrian Countermeasures

Planning and Designing for the Pedestrian Environment

Data Collection Techniques — Time Lapse Photography

Pedestrian Precincts in City Centers

Defining the Slip Resistance of Surfaces used for Pedestrian Traffic

Problems in Assuring the Safety of Pedestrians

Mobility as it Relates the Handicapped and the Elderly: An Overview

The Elderly Pedestrian: A Special Problem

Design of Pedestrian Facilities for the Washington Metro

Future National Parks for Pedestrians and Bicyclists





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