An Experimental Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks and Pavements Using Ground Penetrating Radar

A Bumpy Road
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) was among many state and local agencies to develop a comprehensive pavement management system in the late 1980s. Its system was unique...

Analysis of Accidents, Traffic, and Pavement Data

Pavement Distress Level Prediction Using Multi-BPANNS Techniques

Application of GIS for Spatial Organization of Pavement and Infrastructure Database

Video Inspection of Highway Infrastructures

Fractal Analysis for Evaluating Pavement Performance

Improving IDOT's Pavement Condition Rating Process

Remaining Service Life Analysis - Implementation in the ADOT Pavement Management System

Further Developments in the Formulation of the Deterioration Curves of Overlaid Pavements

Modeling Highway Pavement Maintenance Effectiveness

Dynamic Simulation-Based Pavement Consumption Model

Development of Performance Specification Pay-Schedules for As-Built Pavement Smoothness Conditions

Interpreting Ground Penetrating Radar Pavement Data

Estimation of Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression Models from Condition Surveys

Use of the Falling Weight Deflectometer in Conjunction with the Photographic Survey Methods in Concrete Pavement Restoration Programs

Proposed Performance-Related Data Characteristics for the Israeli Pavement Management System

Standards for State Network Level Pavement Management Condition Data

A Decision Support System for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization

Potential Application of Artificial Immune Systems in Pavement Management Decision-Making





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