Design and Development of the HDM-4 Software

Modeling the Frictional Performance of Highway Surfaces Using Neural Networks

A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

Characterization of Pavement Materials and Soils Using Gyratory Shear Test

Behavior of Construction and Demolition Debris in Base and Subbase Applications
The design performance of a pavement system is evaluated based on the predicted number of load repetitions it will be subjected to throughout its service life. Mechanistic pavement design...

The Safe Disposal of Fly Ash in Pavement or Earth Structures Not Requiring High Strength Materials
Highway agencies throughout the country face the challenge of safe disposal of various waste products in pavements and earth structures. Some of these waste products can be hazardous to...

Design and Construction of the Runway 13-31 Overrun Area at LaGuardia Airport

Classification of Pavement Surface Distress with an Embedded Neural Net Chip

Backcalculation of Flexible Pavement Moduli from Falling Weight Deflectometer Data using Artificial Neural Networks

Backcalculation of Pavement Profiles from the SASW Test by Neural Networks

The Combined Use of Belief-Functions and Adaptive Artificial Neural Networks in Pavement Management Systems Decision-Making

A Simulator to Study the Effects of Earthquakes on Segmental Paving

Smooth Take-Off
Rough runway pavement can make for a bumpy flight and nervous passengers. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey uses an advanced software package to detect and mitigate rough spots...

An Experimental Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks and Pavements Using Ground Penetrating Radar

A Bumpy Road
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) was among many state and local agencies to develop a comprehensive pavement management system in the late 1980s. Its system was unique...

Analysis of Accidents, Traffic, and Pavement Data

Pavement Distress Level Prediction Using Multi-BPANNS Techniques

Application of GIS for Spatial Organization of Pavement and Infrastructure Database

Video Inspection of Highway Infrastructures

Fractal Analysis for Evaluating Pavement Performance





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