Application of GIS for Spatial Organization of Pavement and Infrastructure Database

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study of Wheel Load Interaction

Applicability of Superpave to the Design of Airfield Asphalt Pavements

Construction of Permeable Bases for Airfield Pavements

A Bonded PCC Overlay on a D-Cracked Pavement

Prediction of Remaining Life on Airport Pavements

Enhanced Movements Estimation Methods for High Resolution Airport Surface Radar Images

An Expert System as Support in Maintenance of Road Pavement Surface

Data Acquisition and Handling for the Minnesota Road Research Project

Ground Penetrating Radar for Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Geophysical Applications: A Review

Evaluation of Bridge Decks and Pavements at Highway Speed using Ground Penetrating Radar

Coupled Nonlinear Analysis of Airport Pavements

Pavement Management Pays Off
Pavement Management Systems are paying off at various agencies from municipal to state levels. Its PMS consultant enabled the city of Oakland, Calif. to convince FEMA to pay for indirect...

Evaluation of Potential Impacts to Endangered Species that Use Wetland Areas: A Case Study
A proposed runway extension in an airport adjacent to a large riverine system and containing a small perennial branch of the riverine system would result in loss and modification of forested...

Immobilization of Metals and Solids Transported in Urban Pavement Runoff
Urban areas in North America continue to grow in size and population. With this growth is an increase in automotive traffic, roadway pavement and deleterious anthropogenic constituents....

Numerical Simulation of Permanent Deformation in Flexible Pavement Systems Subjected to Moving Loads

Fatigue Model of Asphalt Concrete

Effect of Maxwell Binder on Two-Phase Materials

Detection of Cracks in Concrete Using the Impact Responses

A Uniaxial Constitutive Model Accounting for Viscoelasticity and Damage Evolution under Cyclic Loading





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