Numerical Simulations of Load Transfer Between Doweled Pavement Slabs

A Coupled Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Resilient Response of Granular Materials

Behavior of Concrete Joints under Cyclic Shear

Proportioning Concrete Mixtures with Graded Aggregates

Recent Trends to Reduce Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete Pavements

Early Age Shrinkage and Creep of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Airfield Pavement

Interlayer Stress Absorbing Composite in AC Overlays

Fatigue Behavior Under New Aircraft Loading Conditions

Off-Peak Runway Construction on Saturated In-Situ Soils

Reconstruction of a Major Intersection of Two Runways Using High Performance Concrete at Hobby Airport

Effects of Slab Size on Critical Responses in Airport Concrete Pavements

The Effect of Runway Roughness on Aircraft Operations

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airportā€”Development of Database

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport: Dynamic Sensor Data Processing

Comparison of Major Aircraft Landing Gear Arrangements

Aircraft/Pavement Technology
In the Midst of Change
This proceedings, Aircraft/Pavement Technology: In the Midst of Change, includes papers presented at the 1997 Airfield Pavement Conference...

Potential Application of Artificial Immune Systems in Pavement Management Decision-Making

Automated Survey of Pavement Surface Distress: Current Technologies and New Approaches

A Decision Support System for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization

Dynamic Simulation-Based Pavement Consumption Model





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