Video Inspection of Highway Infrastructures

Fractal Analysis for Evaluating Pavement Performance

Improving IDOT's Pavement Condition Rating Process

Remaining Service Life Analysis - Implementation in the ADOT Pavement Management System

Modeling Highway Pavement Maintenance Effectiveness

Development of Performance Specification Pay-Schedules for As-Built Pavement Smoothness Conditions

Interpreting Ground Penetrating Radar Pavement Data

Estimation of Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression Models from Condition Surveys

Proposed Performance-Related Data Characteristics for the Israeli Pavement Management System

Standards for State Network Level Pavement Management Condition Data

Deterioration Mechanisms and Nondestructive Evaluation for Infrastructure Life-Cycle Analysis

Evaporation at the Surface of Permeable Pavement and Its Impacts on the Urban Thermal Environment

Subgrade Criteria for Airport Flexible Pavement Design

Granular Base Moduli for Mechanistic Pavement Design

A Sensitivity Study of Layered Elastic Theory for Airport Pavement Design

Comparison of Elastic Layered Theory and In-Situ Rigid Pavement Response at Denver International Airport

Dynamic Analysis of Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Tests on Airfield Pavements

Backcalculation of Asphalt-Overlaid Concrete Pavements

Finite Element Procedures for Three-Dimensional Pavement Analysis

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Rigid Pavement Structures





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