Value Engineering Cuts Highway Costs
The Oregon State Highway Department's experimental Value Engineering team examined over 40 highway projects in a search cost savings without sacrificing quality. While the...

Concrete-pavement Recycling could Slash Rehab Costs 30%
During the past few years, the recycling of highway pavements, especially asphalt pavements, has been in the news. Yet one promising development has drawn little attention: the recycling...

Mix Design Formulas for Recycled Hot-Asphalt Plant Mixtures
The design of recycled asphalt paving mixtures is compounded by the amount of asphalt and its properties in the reclaimed asphalt pavement. Formulas are presented for proportioning the...

Bicycle Transportation
A Civil Engineer's Notebook for Bicycle Facilities
The planning and design of bicycle facilities are examined, with the facilities divided into these topics: pavements, drainage, traffic controls, amenities, lighting, parking, landscaping,...

The PMD Program?One State's View

Pavement Management � From Airports To Highways

Truck Damage to Pavement

Flexible Pavement Design

Economic Effect of Heavy Trucks on Highways

Offshore Airport Environmental Impacts

Sulphur Asphalt Field Trials in Texas

Field Studies of Airport Pavements on Expansive Clay

Expansive Roadbed Treatment for Southern Africa

Deep Vertical Fabric Moisture Seals

Terminal Usage of Batch Programs in Highway Design

Pavement Recycling Catching On
Sparked by rising prices of asphalt, aggregates, energy, and construction labor, and plagued by a decline in the real dollars available for highway and road maintenance, many highway departments...

1979 International Air Transportation Conference
The current state-of-the-art and future trends in air transportation are discussed. The current state of knowledge in practice and research, and communication between designers and users...

Pavement Management Guide, by Roads and Transportation Association of Canada. (Book Review)

Pavement Controversy

Top Highway Problems: Finance and Maintenance
The nation's highway departments say their number one problem is inadequate funds. Congress and the Federal Highway Administration are worried that, due to inadequate highway...





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