Undrained Pavements: A Costly Blunder

LCF Runways

New York Experiments With its Potholes


RCC Pavement Weathers Boston Cold



Microcomputer Applications for Pavements
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has been active in exploring expanded microcomputer applications with the goal of improving efficiency and benefits to the public through reducing...

Developing a Management Maintenance (Roadway Surface) System
The Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development is responsible for maintaining 1,514 miles of roadway. Clackamas County, Oregon is part of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan...

A Pavement Management System for Cities & Counties
A regional agency, a pavement management consultant and six cities and counties in the San Francisco Bay Area have jointly developed a Pavement Management System (PMS) which runs on a...

Automated Pavement Management Systems for Agencies
This paper presents and assesses a microcomputer software package which has been designed for use in six cities and towns in Massachusetts. The package employs a readily available database...

Role of Microcompiuters in Highway Weigh-in-Motion Systems
Microcomputer technology makes it possible to digitize the signals, calculate the desired factors, and record and display the information in real time at the weigh-in-motion (WIM) site....

The Use of Microcomputers to Perform Airport Emission Inventories
The authors found the use of LOTUS 1-2-3, a microcomputer spreadsheet package that permitted easy calculation of emissions and easy revision of data for studying options in aircraft types,...

Faster Paving for Airfields

Paving with RCC
Roller compacted concrete pavement differs from the RCC used for dams. Since 1984, when the first full scale RCC pavement in the U.S. was installed by the Corps of Engineers at Ft. Hood,...

Fast Exit
A new runway to be built at Orlando International Airport in Florida has been designed with taxiway exits based on spiral geometry that give the pilot a gentle angle for exit and a graduated...

Paving Contract Limits Liability

Erratum for Pavement


Costs of Truck Related Highway Damage to Alaska
The cost of pavement damage to the State of Alaska for truck traffic continues to be a very controversial topic. There is no simple answer since this cost is dependent upon pavement strength,...





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