Runway Rehabilitation, Washington National Airport

Non-Destructive Pavement Evaluation

1979 International Air Transportation Conference
The current state-of-the-art and future trends in air transportation are discussed. The current state of knowledge in practice and research, and communication between designers and users...

Newark Airport Pilots Cost-Saving Runway Paving Concept
The NYC Met Section nominee for the 1978 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award was the expansion of Newark International Airport. The $200 million redevelopment included a new...

Reef Runway is First in Airport Design
The Reef Runway Project of Honolulu International Airport constructed on a coral reef, provides approximately 765 acres of new land for the 12,000-ft-long runway with its associated taxiways...

Single Additive for Recycling Asphalt Pavements
A design concept for recycling deteriorated asphalt pavements using a single reclaiming agent has been developed. The article established guidelines to help engineers determine the physical...

Temperatue Effects in Compacting an Asphalt Concrete Overlay

A New Material for Pavement Subbases in Frost Areas

The Effects of Subgrade Preparation Upon Full Depth Pavement Performance in Cold Regions

Texas Uses Fabric to Protect Pavement from Cracks
Thin asphalt concrete overlays are susceptible to reflective cracking, which is the migration of the cracks in an old pavement into and subsequently through its overlay. To find a remedy...

Fracture Mechanics Approach to Cracking in Pavements

An Overview of Airfield Pavement Design

Wheel Load Stress Concentrations on Crane Runway Girders

Runway Rebuilding with Daily Use
At Ontario the main runway was rebuilt and 4-inch bituminous overlay put down at night while the runway was in daily use. Existing pavement was portland cement concrete with bituminous...

Fly Ash Pavements, Run Ways to Take Off—
Significant cost savings were realized in paving a new container terminal storage yard in Portland, Oregon. A computer analysis showed that a multi-layer pavement would be best, with each...

Technology Training Needs of the Asphalt Industry

Prismatic Solid Analysis of Pavement Structures
(Volume 1)...

Electrical Resistivity Method for Determining Volume Changes that Occur During a Pressuremeter Test

Nuclear Measurement of Subgrade Moisture

Dangers of Parallel Bar Sewer Grates





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