A Review of City and County Pavement Management Experience

Update of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design and Rehabilitation

Subgrade Stabilization

How to Build a Quality Asphalt Pavement

Calcium Nitrite in Concrete—A Corrosion Inhibitor

Polymer Modified Asphalts—An Overview

Dowel Bar Inserter for P.C.C. Pavements

Use of Fabrics in Highways

Erratum for Asphalt Pavement Modifiers

New Runways Take Off
The two mile long runway 9-27, now being constructed at Houston Intercontinental Airport, was built for about 30% ($7 million) less than if designed conventionally. Rather than concrete...

Solutions for Pavement Rehabilitation Problems
Preservation of our nation's highways is the goal of highway civil engineers in the decades to come. The public travels on pavements and this important part of the system...

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Programs

What's New in Admixtures?

Relationship of Quality Control to Pavement Performance

Building a Quality P.C. Concrete Pavement

Practical Pavement Management Using Paver

Pavement Design

Berth 5-6 Pavement Performance: Port of Oaklan
In 1978 the Port of Oakland commenced a project to demolish the old Berth 5, 6 & 7 break bulk sheds, portions of the wharves, and the warehouses behind, and to construct container...

Pavement Management Systems for Urban Areas
Pavements represent the largest public investment for most urban-area governmental jurisdictions. The magnitude of this investment requires that the expenditure of funds to maintain pavements...

Life Cycle Analysis
Of all the infrastructure elements, pavement performance has probably received more research than any. Similarly, there has been more application of pavement research. The concepts that...





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