Properties of Tire Chips for Lightweight Fill

Accounting for Uncertainties in Pavement Response

USAF's New Contingency Soils/Pavement Testing Van

Testing Pavement Image Processing Systems: An Engineering Approach

Pre-Selective Measurements for SHRP-NL Project Using the Lacroix Deflectograph

Pavement Response Measuring System

Instrumentation for a Full-scale Pavement Test in the Danish Road Testing Machine

An Accelerated Pavement Testing System

Seasonal Monitoring of Pavements—A Whole Lot More

Impact of Variability in Pavement Parameters on Backcalculated Moduli

Monitoring of Highway Pavements in Arizona Using Falling Weight Deflectometer

Pressuremeter and MDD Moduli for Road Design

Tudor Road Rehabilitation, Anchorage, Alaska

Pavement Subdrainage Instrumentation in Indiana: A Case Study

Computerized Management Systems for Pavement Networks

DARWintm—AASHTO's New Pavement Design Program

Investigating Hot Mix Asphalt Segregation Causes and Cures: A Knowledge-Based Systems Approach

Fine Tuning the Airfield: The New Denver International Airport
This paper discusses airfield layout considerations that have been incorporated into the design of the new Denver International Airport (DIA). These concepts include some unique provisions...

Characteristics of High-Speed Runway Exits for Airport Design
This paper addresses some of the geometric design and operational characteristics of high-speed runway exists. Lateral and longitudinal runway constraints limiting the use of high-speed...

Design Considerations for Multi-Wheel Aircraft
The available test data for performance of flexible pavements were analyzed using the Boussinesq and elastic layered theories. It was shown that strain criteria could be developed for...





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