Pavement Renovation with HPI Electrochemical Method

Unbound Drainable Base Courses: Permeability Versus Unsurfaced Stability

Test for Polymer Overlay Interface on Concrete

Planning and Implementing a Management System for Utility Cuts in City Streets

Determining Bituminous Pavement Shear Modulus

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Pavement Management in Florida

New and Innovative Repair Technologies (Soil Stabilization and Pot-Hole Repair/Prevention)

Erratum for America's Pavements: World's Longest Bathtubs

Dynamic Loading of Airfield Pavements Caused by Aircraft Operations on Rough Runways
This paper presents results for dynamic pavement loading of various aircraft under takeoff and taxing scenarios. The data were obtained from computer simulation and applied to the Corps...

Implementation of Elastic Layered Theory for Design of Unbonded Overlays
The U.S. Army and Air Force have implemented the elastic layered theory for design of unbonded overlays for rigid airfield pavements. The procedure allows for design of unbonded overlays...

Recycling Portland Cement Concrete Pavement at the Contractor's Option
This paper summarizes three portland cement concrete airfield pavement recycling projects at the Outagamie County Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin. The specifications for the projects did...

The Use of Crumb Rubber Modifier in Hot-Mix Asphalt
This paper summarizes the literature on the use of CRM as an additive in HMA. Wet and dry processes are discussed and the objective of each explained. Material, design and construction...

Evaluation of Laboratory Limerock Bearing Ratio Test on Pavement Soils in Florida

Field Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Joint Sealants in Utah

The Control of Settlement Using Geogrids
The applicability of geogrids in reducing settlements has been investigated in the laboratory in two separate studies, in unpaved roads under cycled load applications, and as overlays...

Statistical Quality Control and Assurance in Bituminous Materials

A Look at the Superpave Level 1 Mix Design Process

Evaluation of Drainable Base Courses for Pavements

Assessment of Distress Models for Prediction of Pavement Service Life

Integration of a Municipal Pavement Management System with a Geographic Information System
This paper describes the use of a Pavement Management System (PMS), and the integration of the pavement condition data with a Geographic Information System (GIS). In June 1988, the Pavement...





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