Pavement Treatment in Ohio Transportation System
This paper presents a modification of the original method in which the concept of fuzzy set theory is applied in the calculation of the PCR. Fuzzy numbers are introduced to represent those...

Integrating Computer Application for Pavement Management: A Case Study
This paper presents a case study of the process through which a relational database management system and stand-alone application programs are developed and integrated to form a comprehensive...

Prediction of Movement in Expansive Clays
The movement of expansive soils is usually due to a change of suction near the soil surface. The properties of the soil that govern the amount and rate of movement are the suction compression...

Sheet Flow Resistance of Asphaltic Pavements
A statistical study has been conducted by the authors using 400 points of experimental data taken in the 1970's at Texas A&M for sheet flow runoff during artificial rainfall on...

Life After Andrew on Florida's Turnpike

Aviation Crossroads
Challenges in a Changing World
This proceedings, Aviation Crossroads - Challenges in a Changing World, includes papers presented at the 23rd International Air Transportation...

America's Pavements: World's Longest Bathtubs
Pavements are the most unusual structures designed by civil engineers. Water flows through their tops, bottoms and sides but because pavements are relatively flat, flows out again very...

Durability of Concrete Materials Under Pavement Joints

Undersealing of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements: Does it Work?

Field Evaluation of Plate Bearing Load Test on Pavement Soils in Florida

Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix in Road Rehabilitation

The Use of Recyclable Waste Materials in Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Highway Pavements

Use of Waste Rubber in Light-Duty Concrete Pavements

Asphalt Rubber a Federal Perspective

Rigid Pavement Evaluation with Seismic Pavement Analyzer

Airport Reconstruction/Rehabilitation: A Case Study

Load Transfer Determination for Airfield Pavements Using the Falling Weight Deflectometer

Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation at the San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas

How Do Geosynthetics Improve Pavement's Performance

Asphalt Applications for Railroad Maintenance and Construction





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