Modeling the Frictional Performance of Highway Surfaces Using Neural Networks

Airport Facilities
Innovations for the Next Century
This proceedings, Airport Facilities: Innovations for the Next Century, contains papers presented at the 25th International Air Transportation...

Winter Tenting of Highway Pavements

Construction of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements at the Wando River Terminal, Charleston, South Carolina

Grading, Paving and Drainage for Mina Raysut Container Terminal

Reducing Frost Heave with Capillary Barriers: Interim Results

Pavement Construction for Pier 300 at the Port of Los Angeles

Pavement Distress Level Prediction Using Multi-BPANNS Techniques

Improving IDOT's Pavement Condition Rating Process

Further Developments in the Formulation of the Deterioration Curves of Overlaid Pavements

Proposed Performance-Related Data Characteristics for the Israeli Pavement Management System

A Decision Support System for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization

Infiltration as an Urban Source Control for Metal Elements and Solids

Evaporation at the Surface of Permeable Pavement and Its Impacts on the Urban Thermal Environment

Granular Base Moduli for Mechanistic Pavement Design

A Sensitivity Study of Layered Elastic Theory for Airport Pavement Design

Comparison of Elastic Layered Theory and In-Situ Rigid Pavement Response at Denver International Airport

A Coupled Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Resilient Response of Granular Materials

Proportioning Concrete Mixtures with Graded Aggregates

Effects of Slab Size on Critical Responses in Airport Concrete Pavements





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