Interpretation and Aggregation of Spatially Detailed Sensor Data on Pavement Condition

Rehabilitation of Runway 18R-36L and Taxiway D at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

A State-of-the-Art Proven Alternative to Elastic Layer Design and Evaluation of Jointed Concrete Pavements

Deformation Characteristics of an Arkansas Subgrade Soil

Application of Geotechnical Principles in Pavement Engineering
This proceedings, Application of Geotechnical Principles in Pavement Engineering, contains a compendium of five papers demonstrating a variety...

Design and Operation of Single-Point Urban Interchanges in Cold Weather Regions

Repeated Loading of Stabilized Recycled Aggregate Base Course
The fatigue behavior, resilient properties, and progressive accumulation of damage due to repeated flexural loads on a fiber-reinforced pavement base course material composed of cement-stabilized...

Characterization of Pavement Materials and Soils Using Gyratory Shear Test

Enhanced Pavement Management Systems for Airports: A Full Cost Analysis of Operational Impacts

Airfield Concrete Pavement Restoration

A Superpave Runway in the Icebox of the Nation

Blue Earth County Superpave Level I Project: CSAH 8 from TH 22 to TR 167

Design and Construction of the Runway 13-31 Overrun Area at LaGuardia Airport

Design Factors for the Next-Generation Highway Data Vehicle

A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

Instrumentation of Reinforcement, Separation and Drainage Geosynthetic Test Sections Used in the Reconstruction of a Highway in Maine

The Safe Disposal of Fly Ash in Pavement or Earth Structures Not Requiring High Strength Materials
Highway agencies throughout the country face the challenge of safe disposal of various waste products in pavements and earth structures. Some of these waste products can be hazardous to...

Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membrane Evaluation

Measurement of Seasonal Variations in Subgrade Properties

Pavement Thermal Impact on Discontinuous Permafrost





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