Evolution of Composite Floor Systems in the United States
Composite floor systems, which combine structural steel beams with a cast-in-place concrete slab, have grown in popularity in the U.S. during the past 40 years. In most early applications,...

Structural Engineering: Beam Connection Designed for Improved Earthquake Response

The Effect of Locked-In Curvature on PCC Pavement

Evaluation of a Pavement Performance Prediction Model Using LTPP Data

Development and Validation of Mechanistic Coefficients for Flexible Pavement Structures Designed by AASHTO Guide

The Effects of Maintenance and Rehabilitation Alternatives for Asphalt Pavements in New England and New York

Prediction of Pavement Performance?A Neural Network Approach

Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Performance Using LTPP Temperature and Deflection Data

Effectiveness of Preventative Maintenance Strategies for AC Pavements Based on LTPP Distress Data

Returning to the Source
One hundred years ago, Las Vegas was a dry, dusty dot on the map with a population of only 100. The city grew up to become perhaps the gambling capital of the world, and more recently...

Small Firms, Big Dig
The local knowledge and technical expertise found in small engineering firms are often critical to the success of large projects. As one of the most comprehensive design and construction...

High-Tech Isolation
In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, the time to market is often the deciding factor in the success of an enterprise. With that thought in mind, AboveNet Communications, Inc.,...

Structures: Designers Embrace Technology for Latest Skyscrapers

The Pentagon Project
The renovation of the Pentagon, now under way, is one of the most ambitious, complex, and challenging construction undertakings in contemporary history. It entails the equivalent of demolishing...

Pavements: Soap Bubbles Chart Voids in Asphalt

Airports: New Boston Runway Would Help Maintain Capacity

Buildings: Laboratory Designed to Contain Deadly Diseases

Long-Term Performance Program
Making Something of It: Papers from the International Contest on LTPP Data Analysis 1998-1999
Sponsored by the Highway Division of ASCE; Long-Term Performance Program of the Federal Highway Administration. This collection contains papers from...

Holding Steady
The San Diego�Coronado Bay Bridge is an unmistakable landmark that frames the skyline of downtown San Diego, providing a vital link between the mainland and the Coronado peninsula. The...

Sharp Curves
In Madison, Mississippi, just north of Jackson on Interstate 55, a diamond interchange with State Route 463 has become a bottleneck for commuters and local motorists. But the typical solution�a...





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