Numerical Simulation of Granular Assembles Flowing on a Slope

Discrete Particle Modelling of Grain Sorting During Bedload Transport

Lagrangian Analysis of Dispersion in Porous Media by Means of Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Particle Model for Alluvial Fan Formation

The Flow Field and Impact Force on a Debris Dam

Mechanics of Deformation and Flow of Particulate Materials
This proceedings is composed of written contributions to the nine-session symposium on the Mechanics of Particulate Materials at the McNU Conference held at Evanston, Illinois, June 29-July...

Bedload Sediment Rating by Particle Size

Surface Velocity Measurement of River Flow Using Video Images of an Oblique Angle

Control and Creation of Tidal Residual Current in a Semi-Enclosed Bay by Bottom Roughness with Directional Resistance Characteristics

A New and Superior Ultrafine Cementitious Grout

The Effect of Particle Damage on Wave Propagation in Granular Materials

Dynamics of Debris Flows in the Inertial Regime

Particle Dynamics in the Sound Between Denmark and Sweden

Pier Width and Local-Scour Depth
Presented here are the results of an enquiry into the effects of pier width on local scour depth. The results show that scour depth does not scale linearly with pier width unless there...

Automatic Control of Flocculation Processes
A control system for flocculation, used in water and wastewater treatment operations is being developed. The approach is based on detailed particle size distribution measurements of influent...

Periodic Variation in Karst Stream Losses
A cave taking water from an ephemeral stream periodically reroutes surface and subsurface drainage because of a plug that forms 10 m below the main entrance to the cave. The plug of sand,...

Tributary No. 9 Restoration, Maryland State Highway Administration
The Maryland State Highway Administration agreed to accomplish restoration of 1,100 feet of stream channel as part of a mitigation agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore...

Direct Measurement of Turbulence Structures in a Standard Jar Test Tank Using PIV System
Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is applied to the measurement of instantaneous two-dimensional velocity fields in a standard 2-liter jar test tank for several different impeller speeds....

Scour at Culvert Outlets: Considerations Present and Future
One of the major considerations in the design and rehabilitation of the national transportation system is the conveyance of tributary drainage through constructed embankments. As drainage...

Three Dimensional Particle Tracking Model for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Flows into and out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are presently regulated in part by threatened and endangered fish species concerns. To aid in planning future project operations,...





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