Boston's Commuter Comeback
More than 30 years after its abandonment, the Old Colony Railroad in Massachusetts is being revived through a –480 million rehabilitation project to serve residents southeast of Boston....

A Minimum Mars Mission Approach
The purpose of this paper is to identify the mission architecture required to perform a human exploration mission to Mars using a minimum amount of resources. This mission will send three...

Mixed-Use Business Park Developments in Space: A Real-Estate Paradigm
Standard terrestrial business-park development practice is proffered as a realistic organizational model for expanding human activity in Earth orbit. The histories, methods and biases...

Making an Olympic Stadium and a Baseball Park
A new dual-purpose stadium which reflects not only the classical origins of the Olympic Games, but also the tradition of baseball, is the architectural centerpiece for the 1996 Centennial...

Optimal Supply of Parking at Airports
The design capacity of parking facilities at airports is generally estimated in relation to one or more standard decision variable such as enplaning passengers, number of employees, and...

1993 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Census in Beatty and Pahrump, Nevada

A League of Their Own
New baseball stadiums in Cleveland and Arlington, Tex., opening in April 1994, combine the nostalgia of traditional ballparks with state-of-the-art site planning and structural engineering....

The Evolving Role of Marinas as Public Marine Parks and Water Recreation Areas in Southern California 1960-1994

Master Planning -- Fact or Fiction

Design and Technological Opportunities at Waterparks: The Hyland Hills' Water World Experience

Fraser Lands Riverfront Park Shoreline Edge Treatments

P3 for Marinas, Parks & Recreation

Framework and Status of the ASCE Parks & Recreation Planning Guide

Restoration of Lakes and Canals in an Urban Park - Belle Isle, Michigan

Financing Construction and Operation Costs for Parks and Recreation Facilities

The Sqauntum Point Personnel Ferry and Metropolitan District Park, Quincy, Massachusetts

Multiple Use Pier Facilities in Parks

Current Trends in Waterpark Development

Bender Park Development Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

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